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Senior Leadership Team

Role Staff Member Phase Leadership Whole School Areas of Responsibility
Headteacher Mr Benserghin N/A  
Deputy Headteacher Ms Funnell N/A
Quality of Education (Curriculum Design, Curriculum Delivery and Staff Development), Extra Currlcular Activities
Deputy Headteacher Mr James N/A
Quality of Education (Curriculum Design, Curriculum Delivery and Staff Development), Extra Currlcular Activities
Assistant Headteacher Ms Capel Nursery, Reception, Y1, Y2 Safeguarding (DSL), Pastoral and Behaviour
Assistant Headteacher Ms Manning Y3 - Y6 SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), Data and Assessment
Assistant Headteacher Ms Copas N/A N/A
School Business Manager Ms Baudry N/A Finance, HR, Premises, Admin, IT, Catering, Cleaning

Teaching Staff

Year Group Phase lead Year pupils will graduate from primary school Class Teacher Additional Staff
Nursery Ms Capel Class of 2031 N London   Ms Pirmohamed   Ms Andreopoulos
Ms Inamdar
Reception Class of 2030 R Southampton Ms Ottrey
Ms Saeed
Ms Vigneswaran
Ms Khurmi
R Oxford Ms Gurney
Year 1 Class of 2029 1 Bath Ms Sabzvari Ms Masters
Ms Howells
1 Bristol Ms Hodges
Year 2 Class of 2028 2 Cambridge Mr Elliott-Rey Ms Kanapathippillai
Ms Varathan
2 Norwich Ms McNicholas
Year 3 Ms Manning Class of 2027 3 Warwick Ms Hulse Ms Wrigley
Ms Cornish 
Ms Kiely
Ms Khan
Ms Hale
3 Birmingham Ms Yeslem 
3 Loughborough Ms Latifi
Year 4 Class of 2026 4 Sheffield Ms Bassi Ms Kusi
Ms  Surendranath
4 York Ms Lim
Year 5 Class of 2025 5 Manchester Ms Sayed Ms Ahmed
Ms Simmonds
Ms Illankovan
5 Liverpool Mr Boland
Year 6 Class of 2024 6 Cardiff Mr Eales
Mr Donnelly
 Ms Sawhney
6 Edinburgh

Specialist Staff

Role Staff Member
PE Specialist Teacher Mr Wilkins
PE Specialist Teacher Mr McGarvie
RE Specialist Teacher Ms Illankovan
Performing Arts Lead Mr Palekar

Violin Teachers
Ms Warnock
Mr Fung
Ms Austin
Ms Opus
Ms Waterfield
Keyboard Teacher Ms Wacholder
Flute Teacher Ms Lloyd-Owen
Educational Psychologist Mr Blasco
Speech and Language Therapist  Ms Evans 
TA with SEND Specialism Ms Simmonds

Operations Staff

Role Staff Member
School Business Manager Ms Baudry
Administrator - Front Desk Ms Rauf
Administrator - Admissions & Communication Ms Costa
Finance and HR Officer Ms Jeffery
Pastoral Officer Ms Blackie
Parent Ambassador Vacancy
Premises Manager  Mr Deakin
Facilities Assistant Mr Zidane
Cleaning Operative Ms Pathmalogini Curumoorthy
Cleaning Operative Ms Vida Prempeh
Cleaning Operative Ms Elena Radu
Cleaning Operative Ms Sylvie Shanmuganathan
Cleaning Operative Ms Chitra Thevaraveendran
Chef Mr Vik Seevaratnam
Catering Staff Alina Cojocaru
Catering Staff Ms Amy Cramp
Catering Staff Ms Monika Lesniak
Catering Staff Ms Ewelina Misolek
Catering Staff Ms Sylvie Shanmuganathan
Catering Staff Ms Subajni Thurairethinam
IT Support Staff Ms Michelle John
IT Support Staff  Ms Marwah Sabar

Middle Leadership Team: Curriculum

Role Staff Member
Phonics Lead  Ms Saeed
Reading Lead Mr Elliott-Rey
Writing Lead Ms Sayed
Mathematics Lead Ms Sabzvari
Science Lead Ms Morrison
PSHCE / Wellbeing Lead Ms McNicholas
PE/Sports Lead Mr Donnelly

Middle Leadership Team: Heads of Year

Role Staff Member
Nursery Lead Ms Pirmohamed
Reception Lead Ms Saeed
Yr 1 Lead Ms Sabzvari
Yr 2 Lead Mr Elliott-Rey
Yr 3 Lead Ms Hulse
Yr 4 Lead Ms Bassi
Yr 5 Lead Ms Sayed
Yr 6 Lead Mr Donnelly