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House Captains

There are five houses within the school and each house has a House Captain. 

  • Kings (yellow) – after Kings Road
  • Lynton (red) – after Lynton Road
  • Malvern (blue) – after Malvern Avenue
  • Capthorne (green) – Capthorne Avenue
  • Torbay (white) - Torbay Road


Upon entry to the school, each child is assigned to one of the five houses.


Our pupils are encouraged to work together to gain House Points. These are then totalled at the end of every week, providing an overall winning house each half-term. This encourages team spirit and a sense of whole school involvement.

Y3 and Y4 Inter House Competitions

- Race Around Harrow Challenge! 

Y5 Inter House Competitions

- Shopping Challenge: Click here for more information. 

Y6 Inter House Competitions

- Dragon's Den: Click here for more information. 

House Days

Coming soon!