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Financial Literacy

We now live in an increasingly cashless society that’s very different to the one we (as adults) grew up in. This presents a new set of challenges and means that our pupils need to understand the value of money and learn how to manage it in a digital world.

Financial Literacy Curriculum

Y3 & 4: £50 Challenge- Where Education Meets Entrepreneurship

At Roxbourne, we believe in equipping our pupils with essential life skills that go beyond the classroom. The £50 challenge is a unique opportunity for our pupils to explore risk and reward, make informed choices, manage emotions and learn how to seek advice when it comes to money. 

In this engaging project, pupils will form teams and embark on an entrepreneurial journey. They'll be tasked with developing a business plan or concept, where they'll brainstorm innovative ideas for products or services. The most exciting part? They'll have the chance to pitch their ideas to a judging panel. The winning class will receive £50 to turn their business ideas into reality during our summer fair. 

Not only does this challenge encourage financial literacy and entrepreneurship, but it also nurtures critical skills like problem solving, teamwork and public speaking. 

Y5: Shopping Challenge

During the Year 5 Camping Residential - pupils plan and shop for a barbecue which they then enjoy for dinner! Pre and post the barbecue, pupils engage in a number of activities which have been outlined below. 

1. Pupils decide which items are required for a successful barbecue and they then create a shopping list (which includes buns, meat, chicken, halloumi, paneer, onions, ketchup)

2. Pupils guess the price of each item.  

3. In houses, pupils head to Rayners Lane High Street to purchase these items (for the cheapest price possible). This includes visits to Tesco, Sainsbury's, Iceland, Lidl and Rayners Food Centre.  

3. Pupils then earn points for the closest guesses and the best value for money from their shopping experience!

4. Following the visit to the supermarkets, we conduct a price comparison activity, and judge which supermarket is cheapest to from.   

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Y6: Bank of England Educational Visit

Pupils visit the Bank of England to discover our history and the role we play in the economy today - a highlight involved pupils seeing and feeling a 99.79% pure gold bar - picture below!

  How the Bank of England is modernising its systems for the future |  Computerworld  Image 


Y6: Dragon's Den

Our Y6 entrepreneurs pitch for investment in the Den from our Dragons, three investors (representing FORC and Andrew Pearce Estates) willing to invest and provide a pitch at the School Summer Fair in exchange for as much profit as possible for the school!  

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