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FORC - Friends of Roxbourne Community

FORC is the parents, teachers association for Roxbourne Primary School. Part of our vision is to raise money for the school through organised fundraising and social events and to support the school in catering for the wellbeing and enrichment of our children. We work alongside the school to achieve common goals, provide a communication platform between parents and staff and encourage community involvement by working with local businesses and charities.

Our members are as follows:

  • Chair: Ayia Al-Asadi (Year 5 and Year 2)
  • Secretary: TBC
  • Treasurer: Sharika Vora (Year 5 and Year 3)
  • Committee Members: Champa Jadva (Year 5 and Year 3), Mrs Hulse (Staff) and Mr Benserghin (Headteacher).

FORC membership is open to all parents/guardians. We always need parent-helpers who volunteer during some of the fundraising activities, parent reps are also required to support the admin of the whatsapp groups. If interested in any of these roles, please contact us (email below).