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Curriculum by year group


Together, we will provide a transformational education and rich opportunities which will enable our pupils to seize their potential as lifelong learners.

Curriculum Design 

We believe in 'levelling the playing field' by providing equal opportunities for all. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all pupils receive a transformational education and therefore leave our school with the knowledge and cultural capital to succeed. Our learners study the full breadth of the curriculum which has largely been adopted from curriculum partners. The curriculum is designed to ensure it is knowledge-rich, academically ambitious, logically sequenced and designed to support memory. Alongside the academic rigor, we build cultural capital through an extensive enrichment programme to develop our pupils confidence and resilience to thrive in the world outside of the school gates. The transformational education and rich opportunities ensure that our pupils encompass our school values by becoming aspirational, resilient, independent, creative, reflective and collaborative learners.

Curriculum Delivery

The curriculum is driven by the leaders of the school through the embedding of long term curriculum overviews and medium term plans for every unit and knowledge organisers for many. We know that quality first teaching is the highest lever for pupil progress, and so we have high expectations for our teachers and pupils. Throughout their time at Roxbourne, pupils are expected to work hard and display excellent attitudes to learning in all lessons and teachers deliver rigorous lessons which support them to do so. Learning is maximised by familiar practised routines and clear behaviour expectations that support pupils to focus on learning. We use fortnightly incremental coaching, supported by the latest research, for all our teaching staff to ensure that they are equipped with all the strategies to deliver lessons that embed knowledge for life.

To find out more about our curriculum, please contact our Deputy Headteacher, who leads Curriculum Design, Delivery and Staff Development via the school office