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At Roxbourne, we have high expectations for behaviour and conduct. This is to ensure that children maximise their learning and school experience and thus go on to experience a life of choice and opportunity.

Guiding Principles

A number of principles underpin our practice to ensure that pupils are safe and ready to learn. These are listed below.

We praise first, especially when pupils go above and beyond:

  • Verbal praise - specific and precise, focused on things that the pupil can control (e.g. “I love how you were the first person to finish writing the date and learning objective” not “you’re a good boy”);
  • Written praise;
  • A Value Certificate;
  • Specialist Teacher Certificates;
  • House Points;
  • An email home;
  • A cheer or class celebration.

We use the language of choice and always focus on the behaviour not the pupil:

  • You are:
  • I need you to:
  • If you choose not to:
  • Its disappointing that you chose:
  • You can choose to ____ or _____:

We deliver consequences in a calm and off-stage way:

  • We never shout;
  • We use the Art of the Consequence, a way of giving consequences that “successfully changes student behaviour and avoids a downward spiral where behaviour actually gets worse in response to a consequence”;
  • We are emotionally neutral;
  • We don’t humiliate.

To read more about how we set and maintain such high expectations for behaviour and conduct, please read our Behaviour Policy located here.