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Attendance & Punctuality

There are many pupils in our school who achieve 100% attendance, we should all aim for the 100% mark too. 

Why regular attendance is so important Learning

Research shows that good attendance helps children to achieve good outcomes, helps them to fulfil their potential, develops good habits and gives them better life chances.

Any absence affects the pattern of a child’s schooling and regular absence will affect their learning and also that of other pupils. Learning at Roxbourne is carefully planned and sequenced, for example, missing one mathematics lesson has an impact on the next mathematics lesson and your child is likely to develop gaps in their knowledge when they miss school.

Attendance Statistics

  • Less than 5 days absence = 98%+ attendance
  • 14 days absence (approx.) = 93.5% attendance
  • 20 days absence (approx.) = 90% attendance
  • 30 days absence (approx.) = 88% attendance

If a child achieves 80% attendance this means that they have missed approximately 40 days of education over the academic year, averaging 1 day per week.


It is important children learn and understand the importance of punctuality from an early age, it is a transferable life skill that will benefit them and ensure lifelong success.

  • Children must be in class on time each day. Children can enter their classroom from 08.40 to complete the first Do Now (activity) of the day.
  • Children will be marked late if they arrive at school after the registers have closed (08:50).
  • Please note that, in accordance with government regulations, if your child arrives after 09:30 or 13:30, they will receive a present / late mark that shows them to be on site, however, this will appear as unauthorised absence for the morning / afternoon session.

To read about our commitment to ensuring exemplary attendance and punctuality, please visit our Polices and Reports page here.