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Roxbourne Primary School

Year 6

Trip to Hillingdon Outddor Activity Centre (HOAC) - Mon 22ND May 

HOAC was a memorable experience for the Year 6 pupils and staff! It was a wonderful way to celebrate the end of SAT’s and who would have known that Mrs Naughton was such an adept climbing expert!

Ishani & Akila 6G said, “HOAC was really fun. We participated in a range of activities- eg Caving. Many activities included teamwork. Year 6 had an extraordinary day!”

After SATs Party

Year 6 have been working hard for nearly 7 years now at Rox-bourne, and they were working particularly hard last week when they were taking their SATs tests. Last week was a unique opportunity for the children and the school to show-case all they have learned—and I am sure they did a great job and performed well. To celebrate, the children organised a special party which involved food, drinks, treats and games. One pupil, Magishi, 6G said, “The SATs party was so much fun! There was lots of food and Mr Gough really enjoyed the spicy mutton rolls! Afterwards we went outside to let off some energy. Mr Gough and Mrs Hulse played a few tennis matches with us. Back inside, we watched a movie, ending the day with some peace and quiet!”