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Roxbourne Primary School

Year 5

Year 5 Trip to Lord's Cricket Ground

On Thursday 27TH April, Year 5 were given the exciting opportunity of attending Lords Cricket Ground and watching a professional cricket match! Tia 5C said “We did many activities including bowling, watching a match and playing some fairground games. I was also lucky enough to play some Royal Tennis. It was really hard because the tennis racket and ball were very heavy. The racket was also an asymmetrical shape. I really enjoyed the day!“

Trip to the British Museum


Year 5 Trip to Waitrose

Year 5 have been learning all about ‘Allotments.’ This included a wonderful opportunity to visit Waitrose last week. They learnt all about where food comes from and how a big supermarket operates.

Tia, 5C said, “We got to see all of their warehouses and where they keep all their food. We found out that Waitrose is a lot like our school because they have offices, training rooms, storage areas and a medical room. Also, behind the shop floor, they have a giant freezer where they keep ice-creams and frozen food. As we came towards the end of the trip, they gave us a goody bag! We had a great time.”

5C - Red Nose Day Class Assembly - Friday 24TH March

Shyenu, 5C said, “Our assembly highlighted the importance of Red Nose Day. We explained why we were raising money and who will benefit from the funds raised. As well as that, we did a humorous little sketch at the end because this year’s slogan for Red Nose Day is ‘Make Your Laugh Matter’. It was really fun and we hope everybody enjoyed it!”

Year 5 RE : Jainism - Wednesday 22ND March

Year 5 children have been learning about Jainism in their RE lessons. On Wednesday 22nd March, they were very fortunate to meet a special visitor, Mrs Jain, who talked to the children about her religion.

Emma, 5C, said, “Mrs Jain came into our class and talked about the importance of Jainism. I enjoyed it very much. I learnt a lot of interesting facts, such as their holy book is called Ginvani. I also learnt that Jains take 8 different things to the temple such as, rice, coconut, cloves, cardamom and other items too.”