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Roxbourne Primary School

Year 4

IMAX Cinema Trip - Wednesday 14TH June 2017


Harrow Heritage Museum Trip - Wednesday 7TH June 2017


Northala Fields Trip - Monday 22ND May 2017

On Monday, Year 4 went on an educational visit to Northala Hills as part of our topic 'Misty Mountain Sierra'. The students learnt about the different types of wildlife that live there and also experienced the views after climbing the multiple hills that are there. Everyone seemed to learn something new and enjoyed themselves, whether it was from the climbing, the skyline views, the lakes, the football game or the playground.

Asaka 4B said, “ I think that the ponds were beautiful and we saw a wonderful performance of swans. My friends said it was a lovely view when we were on the hill.”

Athiran 4B said, “My favourite part of the trip was when we reached the top of the large hill. I felt that I had reached the top of the world and I’m sure everyone else did too.” A big thank you to our fantastic parents and staff helpers for making the day such a success.

4B Class Assembly - ANZAC Day (Australia & New Zealand Army Corps)

On Friday 28th April, 4B performed a class assembly all about ANZAC day (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). ANZAC day is a day that commemorates and remembers those from World War 1. This is held on the 25th April every year. Akshan said, “We all had a role to play and all of us enjoyed it. I was really proud of myself because I memorised the longest poem in the class.” Sushani said, “It was a very nerve-wrecking day for me and everyone else in my class.” Manasi said, “We all worked very hard on projecting our voices and memorising our lines. The assembly ended as a great success.”

Year 4 Science Workshop - Tuesday 21ST March

On Tuesday 21ST March, Year 4 had an exciting and fun-filled day taking part in the hands-on, Digestion Workshop! The children had an opportunity to simulate the inner workings of the digestive system by making different components - they even made their own chyme!

Vedant, 4M said “We learned all about acids, enzymes and all the important parts of the digestive system”.

Sarah, 4M said “The workshop was interesting and we learned some new vocabulary.”