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Roxbourne Primary School


Children returning to school after illness should clearly be fit to do so and free from infection. Children should be fit to participate in all school activities including outdoor games and playtime. If in doubt the school is happy to advise.

First Aid

Basic First Aid is given at school when necessary. You will receive a written 'Bump Note' to explain the injury and / or inform that your child has bumped his/her head.

You will be telephoned if staff consider the injury warrants immediate notification or if your child is unwell or suffering from a temperature or is in need of medical attention. If an accident needs hospital attention we will contact you. Please ensure that your contact details are up to date.


Parents may only leave medicine - clearly labelled - with the Welfare Officer when children suffer from asthma, epilepsy or diabetes. The School will administer life saving medicines. Under no other circumstances are medicines allowed in school nor may staff employed at the school administer such medicine on your behalf.

In the interest of all children's safety it is strictly forbidden to send any form of medical treatment to school with your child.

Sun Protection

During warm summer months all children should have a named sunhat in school which they are expected to wear when playing outside. Wide brimmed hats or those that cover the neck are ideal. School staff are not permitted to apply sun cream to children but we would ask that you apply a long lasting sunscreen before school in sunny weather.


Headlice can be a real problem in schools. Cases of Head Lice should be reported to the Classteacher or Welfare Officer. Advice on treatment is available from the Medical Room if necessary. The Health Authority clearly places responsibility with parents. However, we do endeavour to keep parents/carers informed if there is an outbreak.