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Roxbourne Primary School


Wearing the school uniform gives the pupils a sense of pride and belonging. What a child wears to school reflects his/her attitude to learning; it portrays the school's ethos and shared positive values.

Touchline are proud to be our school uniform supplier and ordering is very straightforward.

Visit: Touchine Embroidery - Roxbourne Primary School

Delivery - Uniform can be delivered to the school free of charge during the holidays and deliveries can be collected by parents from Tuesday 4TH September 2018.

Labelling Uniform - Also, all uniforms purchased come complete with a sewn-in name label free of charge.

Information Sheet - Please refer to the information sheet below for guidance on how to place an order.

School Uniform Information Docs


If you have any pre-loved items in good condition at home, the school would welcome these as spare clothes to be kept in school. Please hand any items into the school office. Items needed include:

  • Any school uniform: shirts, trousers, skirts etc.

  • PE Uniform: tracksuit bottoms, tracksuit tops, polo tops etc.

  • Socks

Nursery Uniform

Children in nursery are expected to attend school in full uniform. This includes:

  • Roxbourne Sweatshirt (Royal Blue)

  • Roxbourne Jogging Bottoms  or Shorts (Royal Blue)

  • Roxbourne Polo Shirt (White)

Girls: Reception - Year 6 (October - March)

  • Roxbourne Cardigan

  • White Long-sleeved Shirt

  • Roxbourne Tie

  • Mid-Grey Tunic or Skirt

  • Plain Grey Tights

  • Grey or White Knee Length Socks

  • Mid-Grey Trousers

  • Sturdy Black shoes

Girls: Reception - Year 6 (March - October)

  • Roxbourne cardigan

  • Blue & white striped or checked dress


  • White short sleeved shirt +

  • Mid-Grey tunic or skirt

  • White socks – knee or ankle length

  • Black closed toe shoes

Boys: Reception - Year 6 (October - March)

  • Roxbourne V-Neck Jumper

  • White long sleeved shirt

  • Roxbourne Tie

  • Roxbourne Grey socks

  • Mid-Grey tailored trousers

  • Sturdy Black shoes

Boys: Reception - Year 6 (March - October)

  • Roxbourne V-Neck Jumper

  • White short sleeved shirt or Roxbourne White Polo Shirt

  • Grey Socks

  • Mid-Grey tailored shorts or trousers

  • Black closed toe shoes

Boys and Girls PE Kit

  • Roxbourne PE Polo Shirt (Sky Blue)

  • Roxbourne Sweatshirt

  • Roxbourne Jogging Bottoms or Royal Blue Shorts

  • Royal Blue PE Bag

  • Trainers (ideally white)

Warm Weather

In the warm weather please ensure sun cream is applied before children come to school in the morning and that they have a sun hat.

Naming Personal Property

Please make sure that every item of clothing is clearly marked with your child's name (including shoes, bags, overalls, ties and socks). Angels and Mothercare supply woven name tape. Alternatively, marker pens can be used.

Lost Property Box

Un-named lost property is kept in a blue box under the canopy in the Junior Playground. Named articles of clothing or property which are found are returned to owners.

Jewellery and Other adornment

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind  parents  about  the  importance  of  health  &  safety  when  it  comes  to  the  wearing of  jewellery.  Whilst we appreciate  that  many  children  now  have  their ears  pierced,  or  may  wear jewellery  for religious or cultural purposes,  we kindly request that any jewellery worn clearly observes simple health and safety guidelines.


  • Earrings  should  be  simple, small studs only
  • As a general principle, all children in should not wear any jewellery when doing PE
  • Please make sure your child is not wearing any jewellery on a PE Day (please refer to the table above).


Watches may only be worn by children in Years 3 - 6.