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Roxbourne Primary School

Things to Remember

Please make sure  your child has  spare underwear, socks, top and trousers in their P.E. bag.   If your child borrows spare clothing from school please wash this and return it to Nursery as soon as possible. 

Please remember to remove any jewellery before sending your child to Nursery.

We will be going to the hall for Gym on Wednesdays.   The children take their shoes and socks off to go on the apparatus.   Please make sure they wear suitable trousers and do not have tights underneath.

The children have been practising putting their coats, shoes and wellington boots on by themselves and are becoming more independent.   Please encourage them to do this at home.

Remember to bring library books to Nursery on Fridays so the children can choose a new book.  

Thank you for your support.