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Roxbourne Primary School

Summer Term 1 - 2019

Fri 24TH May - Year 4 Trip to Snow Centre

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Fri 24TH May - Year 3 Trip to Science Museum

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Thurs 23RD May - School Closed due to Elections

Please remember that school will be closed to pupils on this day.

Wed 22ND May - Year 2 Trip to Science Museum

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Year 5 Visit from the Metropolitan Police - Tues 21ST May 2019

On Tuesday 21ST May Year 5 Liverpool and Manchester had the absolute pleasure of welcoming PCSO Mr John Duggan and PCSO Lisa Saunders to discuss various issues facing Year 5 as they reach 10 years old!

The beginning of the workshop involved Year 5 looking at the age at which people are found accountable for their criminal acts in the UK, and they discovered it was 10 years old They learned that they need to think carefully about the decisions they make as it could get them in trouble with the law; something they were all shocked about!

They looked in issues that may affect their lives over the coming years.

Bullying and Cyberbullying were discussed and the children were alerted to the fact that these two acts are criminal offences and there will be consequences and police intervention if necessary.

The children were made aware of apps that make cyberbullying much easier to participate in. Apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube were highlighted. They were quizzed on the minimum age requirements of these apps. (13 years old)

Another app that the police officers made particular reference to was WhatsApp. There are many hidden dangers within WhatsApp and the police officers made sure that the children were aware that everyone with in a ‘group’ on WhatsApp were actually responsible for bullying unless they reported the incident.

Finally the last part of the workshop discussed knife crime.

Many young people are carrying knives in order to protect themselves as knife crime seems to be on the rise; particularly in London. The children were asked is this a good thing to do to protect their safety on the streets.

No! Many people who carry knives for protection have the knife turned against them and they end up being stabbed themselves. So the children were asked to refrain from carry knives as protection, instead they needed to report any knife crimes (carry or using) to police.

Year 5 learned much in this session and Roxbourne would like to thank Lisa, John and the Metropolitan Police for their time to come and visit the children and discuss issues that may affect them in the future.

Mon 13TH May - Year 1 Trip to London Eye

On Monday Year 1 went to the London Eye. They excitedly walked to Rayners Lane Station and were enamoured by the fantastic landmarks that they saw from the London Eye. They were fascinated with the 4D show and after an amazing experience on the London Eye the children had a picnic and played in Jubilee Park, whilst some basked in the sunshine.

Fri 10TH May - Friday Snack Stall

Friday snack stalls are back and we are trying to make them healthier than ever. Well done to all the children who chose the healthier options of a fruit bowl or smoothie!

Tues 7TH - Fri 10TH May - Anti Bullying Week

This week, the whole school community has focused on anti-bullying as well as online safety. We started the week with a launch assembly which developed children’s understanding of behaviours which might constitute bullying and the negative impact of these actions. We also explored how a victim might feel and respond, as well as how friends and witnesses can help. Different classes discussed the various types of bullying, each year group worked on different activities to develop their understanding of this important topic. In computing lessons, children learnt about the importance of keeping safe online and why we keep our personal information safe from others.

Fri 3RD May - Reception Trip to Willows Farm

The farm visit proved a very exciting, fun and educational time for the children. They were able to relate to what we have been learning about this half-term. It was wonderful to see how the children gained self-confidence to touch, handle and feed a range of farm animals. Our favourite part was the bumpy ride on the tractor that took us around Willows.

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Tues 30TH April & Wed 1ST May - Parents Evening

We hope you found the last round of Parents’ Evening informative and helpful. Many thanks to all the parents who made an appointment to meet with your child’s class teacher. If you didn’t manage to make the two evenings, please do arrange to meet with your child’s class teacher as soon as possible.

Tues 30TH April 2019 - Basketball Match at Pinner High

Eleven Y3 and Y4 pupils from Roxbourne attended a basketball tournament at Pinner High School. The rules for the game were slightly different however, you had to complete three passes before shooting to score at your target (who was standing in the end zone). Also it was a 5-a-side match with girls vs girls the first half and boys vs boys the second half.

Roxbourne played four games, winning one, drawing one and losing two. It was a good effort from Roxbourne, after experiencing a slow start by losing their first game, pretty quickly we picked up the pace and started to play like a strong team. Well done to our basketball team: Azira, Aniela, Ashvikka, Lukmiyaa, Krisha, Alexander, Fryderyk, Cruz, Aaran, Hassan and Nisar!

Mon 29TH April 2019 - Cricket Match vs Norbury

On Monday, Roxbourne hosted Norbury Primary School for our first cricket match of the season. Unfortunately we did not pick up the victory after a really tough match. Our pupils performed very well but lost to a more experienced group of boys. Well done to all involved and on to the next match!