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Spring Term

Tues 13TH March 2018 - Year 3 Trip to Madame Tussauds

Year 3 went to Madame Tussauds on Tuesday. Everyone really liked it! We saw famous people like Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill and Donald Trump. We also watched a 4D film which we thought was excellent and everyone loved the spirit of London ride. We then went to eat our lunch in Regent's Park! It was a wonderful day!

Mon 12TH March 2018 - Y3 - Y6 Police Engagement Week

Year 3 – 6 enjoyed Police Engagement Workshops this week delivered by local officers based in Harrow. PC Duggan and PC Saunders covered a range of age-appropriate content with the different year groups. The covered a range of issues, including:

  • Basic Law
  • How the police keep us safe every day.
  • How to stay safe at home and when children are out and about.
  • Reporting worries to a trustworthy adult
  • Choices and consequences
  • Social media and cyber-bullying
  • Judge and jury

All in all, children really enjoyed meeting some local officers and learning about the important role they fulfil in our society.

Fri 9TH March 2018 - World Book Day

Last week, all of Roxbourne celebrated World Book Day. Each class created their own story and these were presented to the rest of the school at a special assembly on Thursday 1ST March. The children also designed and made their very own T-shirts which celebrated the novels they had written. It was a rewarding experience for everyone to see their books completed and shared with the school community. The class texts were then handed to a special panel of judges to determine the winners of the different award categories! This afternoon, we hosted a special Awards Ceremony – do read next week’s newsletter for news on the winners!

Thurs 1ST March 2018 - Year 1 Visit from Medivet

As part of their Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic, Year 1 have had visits from The Dog’s Trust and vets from the Medivet practice. The vets brought a special guest, Poppy the dog! They explained how owners look after their dogs and how vets can care and treat animals if they get sick. The children had the opportunity to feed and groom Poppy, and locate her microchip using a special device. They also dressed up in special clothes the vets wear when treating animals and demonstrated how to give vaccinations on a very nervous Mrs Ransom. At the end of the session Poppy performed lots of tricks which the children thoroughly enjoyed watching.

Thurs 22ND Feb 2018 - Year 3-6 Asthma Workshop

On Thursday afternoon, children in Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 had the opportunity of taking part in a special workshop all about Asthma. This was delivered by UCL medical students, one of whom was an ex Roxbourne pupil! Children learnt about different aspects of asthma and ‘triggers’ of asthma. Children were also shown different types of inhalers which asthma sufferers use (emergencies and every day preventative inhalers). We also learnt how asthma can have an impact on our health. During the session, children were given the opportunity to ask questions and at the end of the workshop, children were asked to complete a quiz which they all really enjoyed!

Tues 20TH Feb 2018 - Year 3 Ancient Greece Workshop

On Tuesday 20TH February, Year 3 had the opportunity to watch a play retelling the story of Theseus and the Minotaur! All children then participated in a drama workshop led by the actors! It was a great occasion and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Fri 9TH Feb 2018 - Year 1 Assembly

We were treated to a fantastic assembly on ‘Pancakes’ from 1R this morning. The assembly included a funny song, with some great actions; interesting facts about Pancake Day and a great explanation on how the children made pancakes earlier in the week! My fun fact of the day, which I learnt during their assembly, was that in France, ‘Pancake Day’ is linked to ‘Mardi Gras’ which when translated to English, means ‘Fat Tuesday’.

Thurs 8TH Feb 2018 - Year 6 Basketball Tournament

On Thursday 8TH February Shaan, Shiloh (6E) Jayden, Sanand, Rachel and Ry’lee (6N) represented our school in our first basketball competition of the year at Pinner High School. It was a thoroughly enjoyable tournament for the children as they used the skills practised in basketball club to compete against other teams. We managed to win one of our five games. Considering this was the first time we have submitted a basketball team, this is a good achievement. This is another step in the right direction as we are building up our sporting reputation within the borough.

Wed 7TH Feb 2018 - Year N & R Literacy Workshop

What an amazing show! Reception and Nursery children thoroughly enjoyed the interactive drama workshop on The Elves and The Shoe Maker. The children acted out the story using props and costumes under the direction of Madame Chausseur!

Mon 5TH Feb 2018 - Year 6 Visit to Zoroastrian Centre

On Monday, we walked up to the Zoroastrian Centre in Rayners Lane and settled down in our seats. We were then handed out leaflets, which were read to us by Mr Elliott-Rey. We learnt lots of interesting facts, but the best part of the day for me was that we got to go to their prayer room and we got to see their fire being lit. Something I have never experienced before! All in all, we had a great trip.

Written by Samanthi in 6D

Fri 2ND Feb 2018 - Reception Assembly - Gingerbread Man

Run, run, run as fast as you can. You'll never catch me, I'm the gingerbread man. These words having been ringing in my ears throughout the day! This is because, this morning, we were all treated to a lovely assembly all about the Gingerbread Man. This was a special assembly, as both classes joined together to re-enact one of my favourite stories! The performance involved props, costumes, musical instruments, fantastic narrators, singing and acting. Well done children for a fabulous assembly!

Thurs 1ST Feb 2018 - Year 5 Learning Dome Workshop

As part of their Stargazers topic, the Learning Dome came to Roxbourne this week. Swara Patel (5JS) said, “Year 5 had an amazing time in the Learning Dome. We learnt detailed facts about space such as constellations and stargazing. This opportunity has brought us one step closer to knowing pretty much everything about space! Thank you, Year 5 team!”

Wed 31ST Jan 2018 - Year 1 Learning Dome Workshop

Year 1 enjoyed a visit from a Mobile Planetarium as part of their Moon Zoom topic. The children were bursting with excitement following the visit to the Planetarium which was set up in the school hall! Aksayaa (1C) exclaimed, “The sun is a star!” lyssa (1C) explained, “When the earth is pointing at the sun, it is daytime and when it is pointing away it is night-time.” Jenita (1R) discovered, “The moon doesn’t have any air!” And lastly, Malaika (1R) described , “Mars as the red planet.”

Wed 31ST Jan 2018 - Year 2 Trip to Windsor Castle

Year 2 had an amazing visit to Windsor castle this week. The children were able to identify features of a castle and experience first-hand the advantages of arrow slits and battlements. They were in awe of the splendid State Apartments, Queen Mary’s dolls house and the tombs inside St. George’s Chapel. Roxbourne were privileged to be allowed in the area where our Queen meets her special guests for a workshop to learn about spears and swords with a weapons expert.

Wed 31ST Jan 2018 - Year 4 Trip to Science Museum

Year 4 enjoyed a visit to the Science Museum this week, where they explored the many rooms around the museum. They were also lucky enough to go into the Wonder Lab, where they got to have a go on the friction slide, create smoke and many more exciting activities. The children also enjoyed having Mrs Ansell locked on a chair, where the children had to use their mathematical knowledge of prime numbers to free her!

Tues 30TH Jan 2018 - Year 3 Greek Feast

On Tuesday, Year 3 enjoyed a 'Greek Feast'! The children dressed in bright summery clothes, despite the weather, and prepared a variety of Greek dishes. A good time was had by all, although we may have eaten too much!

Fri 26TH Jan 2018 - Class 3M Assembly : Greece

Thank you to 3M for leading a fabulous assembly all about their current topic Greece! The children started the assembly by communicating to the audience through a postcard. They shared lots of information about Greek culture, including a traditional dish called Dolmades. It sounded very tasty! A very impressive part of the assembly was when a large group of children performed some traditional dancing! The footwork was super complicated and executed perfectly! Well done children for a fantastic assembly.

Fri 12TH Jan 2018 - Class 5T Assembly : New Years Resolutions

Last Friday, we were treated to a fabulous assembly all about New Year’s Resolutions. The assembly was delivered through a Who Wants to be a Millionaire Theme! We learnt lots of new information about Roman Gods, the importance of January and we were also treated to acting, singing and even a solo performance! Well done 5T for a brilliant assembly!

Tues 9TH Jan 2018 - Year 6 Visit to London Zoo

On Tuesday, Year 6 visited London Zoo to observe a number of different animals in relation to their 'living things and their habitats' topic. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip for all involved. Children were able to see monkeys, tigers, lions, reptiles and many many more varieties of species. A particular favourite for the children was the penguins as they enjoyed communicating with them through the glass panels.