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Roxbourne Primary School


The designated member of staff to contact with any Safeguarding issues is

Mr Palekar.


The back gates and front side gates are kept locked between 8:50am and 3:20pm. Any visitors during the school day must report to the School Office, on Torbay Road.


Please do not bring dogs onto the school premises and do not allow them to obstruct the pavement where children and parents walk.


This school is a designated 'No Smoking Zone'. Please do not smoke anywhere within the school grounds or on the pavement immediately outside.

DBS Checks

The school adheres to all Harrow Council and DfE Safeguarding Policies. All staff and volunteers employed at the school are DBS checked.


Jewellery and adornments of any sort are not permitted in school. Watches may be worn by children in Key Stage 2.

Child Protection Procedure

The School has a policy for dealing with matters relating to Child Protection and follows the Harrow Council Guidelines (available in school).

Freedom of Information

Requests for access to documents should be made in writing to the Headteacher. There may be a charge for this. Details of documents available are outlined in 'Publication Scheme On Information Available Under The Freedom Of Information Act 2000' (please ask at the School Office for further

Data Protection

Records are kept in school on individual children and some of this information is stored on a computer. These are confidential and may only be shared with a child's parents, or with their permission, other professionals working with the child.


Official school photographs are taken annually. Parents are not permitted to video or take photos during class assemblies and productions. Photocalls are arranged after productions. Photographs and video recording is increasingly used in class as part of learning. Images may be published on the school website or in the media. Parents are asked for permission for their child to be photographed when their child joins the school.

Safe Use of the Internet

Our internet connection has a 'firewall' to avoid pupils gaining access to inappropriate material. Parents are asked for permission for their child to use the internet on entry. All school staff discuss e-safety matters with children.

Mobile Phones

Children are not allowed to bring mobile phones into school, nor are they allowed to take them on school trips. In very rare circumstances, Y5 and Y6 children who travel on public transport, or who travel alone to school may be allowed to bring mobile phones to and from school with written agreement. The phone will be held in the School Office for safe keeping during the school day.

Fire Drills

Fire drills are practised every half-term.

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