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Ground-breaking Results

The Department for Education released the 2019 KS2 (Y6) SATs outcomes to primary schools in July 2019 and we have had another fantastic year! A massive well done and thank you to the entire school community. Through our hard work and commitment, we are continuing to improve the life chances of the pupils who live in our community.

Expected Standard

In summary, our children have performed very well indeed and achieved the best results ever recorded at Roxbourne.

76% of our pupils have reached the Expected Standard (the combined measure which drives the league tables out in December

2019), this is a 6% increase on last year (and a 25% increase on 2 years ago) and 11% above the national average.

There were further significant gains in writing (13%), mathematics (14%) and English Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (13%).

Nearly all eligible pupils have reached the Expected Standard in Writing, Mathematics and English Spelling, Punctuation and

Grammar (a whopping 93%, 95% and 95% respectively this is likely to be amongst the strongest outcomes in Harrow).

Higher Standard

In regards to the Higher Standard, between 30% and 50% of our pupils are leaving primary school on track to achieve Grade 9 to 7s (A* - B) in Y11. Again, this is absolutely fantastic!


All in all, the results are testament to the hard work of pupils, staff and you all. Thank you! We should all feel very proud indeed. Local headteachers and our local authority (Harrow) have also congratulated us on yet another successful year!

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