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Roxbourne Primary School


Please can you donate a box of tissues.

The children enjoy a range of sensory and messy play.   We would be grateful if you have any of the following which you could donate to the Nursery for the children to explore -  dried pasta, spaghetti, rice, lentils, beans, flour, cornflour, buttons, corks, keys, bangles, smelly soaps, bubble bath, whisks, spoons, mashers, ladels, wooden spoons.

If you have any old ribbons or strips of fabric which you could donate for the children to use in the outdoor weaving area we would be very grateful.

The children are enjoying the junk modelling  area.   Please could you send in any boxes, bottles, yoghurt pots, ribbons, fabric, wrapping paper and wool so we can keep the area well stocked. 
Please can you donate any pots, pans, wooden spoons, colanders, rubbish bins, metal or plastic bowls and containers for the children to use as musical instruments in the outdoor area.

We would be grateful if you have any of the following items which could be donated to Nursery for the children to use during role play - old shoes, children's umbrellas, torches.

Thank you for your help