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RG Class Assembly - Friday 26TH May 2017

Friday marked the last class assembly of the academic year, and it was a special one! RG presented their super assembly which was all about 'The Weather and The 4 Seasons’. Through music, songs and their unwavering enthusiasm, our young artists captured the hearts and imagination of each audience member present in the school hall. Well done RG.

RO Class Assembly

On Friday 17TH March, RO had their class assembly. RO’s ‘Happy Assembly’ was a mixture of songs, acting and learning on the theme of friendship. The children enacted the story of the Rainbow Fish and demonstrated their understanding of how we can be good friends at school. Using sign language, they sang ‘Sing a Rainbow’ and other songs about friendship and rainbows. I’m sure the parents who were lucky enough to attend the assembly would agree that, our reception children spoke clearly and displayed their growing confidence and enthusiasm!


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