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Roxbourne Primary School


Nursery - Year 2


We partner with Read Write Inc. to ensure every child is able to read and write, and we keep them reading. No exceptions.


Read Write Inc. programmes work because we get children’s brain ‘COGS’ working:

Everything CONNECTS: children connect sounds with mnemonic pictures; words with their meanings; and stories with the sounds they know. They connect their own experiences to the stories they read and learn to lift the words off the page.

Children learn ONE thing at a time and practise it until it becomes second nature. Interactive practice keeps children focused, and their capacity to learn develops exponentially.

They learn at their GOLDILOCKS spot (not too easy, not too hard) with others at a similar challenge level. No time is wasted.

Children remember what they learn by SAYING it out loud to a partner. If they can’t explain it, the teacher repeats it until they can.

What’s more, our teachers are trained so they have capacity to show love for what they do. The more they love teaching, the more the children love learning.


Year 2 - Year 6

We have developed a whole class reading programme based on research and evidence. Once pupils have completed the phonics programme (usually by December in Year 2), they transition to our whole class reading programme. This involves reading texts and extracts which builds on the history and geography unit pupils are studying. This supports pupils to embed knowledge.