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Traditional Tales - The Three Little Pigs

This week we enjoyed acting out the story of The Three Little Pigs. The wolf blew the straw house and the stick house down so we had to build a new house for the pigs. We had fun dressing up as builders, mixing cement and building with bricks. We went to look at the houses on Torbay Road and talked about the different parts of a house.


This week we had fun exploring ice, making our own ice palaces, making playdough snowmen and singing and dancing to Let it Go.

Colours - Autumn.

We have had great fun outside this week looking at Autumn trees and playing in the fallen leaves. We enjoyed reading Leaf Man and had a go at making our own leaf characters.

Children in Need

We dressed up as Heroes and made cakes to raise money for Children in Need. We had fun making Pudesy Bear. Thank you for all your donations.

Colours - Diwali.

We made Rangoli patterns and Mandhi patterns to celebrate Diwali.

Colours - Bonfire Night

We have had great fun making fireworks using a range of materials.   Look at our fantastic fireworks.

PE - Physical Education

Look at our great climbing and balancing skills! We tried crawling on our hands and knees and sliding on our tummies and backs.

All About Me - My Senses.

This week we had fun using our senses! We had to guess what was inside the sound pots and smelling pots, we went on a walk around school looking for the objects in the photos and we explored different materials using our hands and feet.

All About Me - My Family.

This week we counted the number of people in each family and found the matching numeral. We drew pictures of our family and made houses for our family. We read the story Guess How Much I Love You and made patterns with hearts.

All About Me - My Amazing Body

This week we labelled parts of the body, made Mr Potato Head characters, tried printing with our hands and fingers and pratised our balancing on the outdoor apparatus and in P.E. We enjoyed reading different Funnybones stories and making skeletons.

All About Me - What do I Look Like?

This week we looked in the mirror and used different materials to make faces. We also used the i-Pad to take selfies.

Our First Week at Nursery