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Parent Pay


Parent Pay - Online Payment System for Parents

Trusted Cashless School Payments


Thank you to all the parents who have set up a Parentpay account.

If you are experiencing difficulties in opening an account, please see the office staff who will gladly assist you in setting up your account or solving any issues you have with parent pay.

What is ParentPay?

ParentPay is the market leader in online payment for schools. We provide online payments, income management and dinner money administration for schools, authorities and caterers. ... ParentPay's school ePayment system means 1 million parents can pay school online, quickly and easily, helping to keep children safer.

What does ParentPay Do?

  • Enables you to pay School Lunch.

  • Offers a high secure payment site.

  • Gives you a history of all the payments you have made.

  • Allows the merging of accounts if you have more than one child at school.

  • Shows you all items available for payment relevant to each of your children.

  • Emails a receipt of your payment to the email address you registered with.

  • Offers the ability to set automated email/SMS payment reminders.

How Does ParentPay Help You?

  • Gives you the freedom to make payments to the school whenever or wherever you like.

  • Stops you having to write cheques or search for cash to send to school.

  • Gives you peace of mind that your payment has been made safely ans securely.

  • Helps with budgeting, payments are immediate, there is no waiting for cheques to clear.

  • You never need miss a payment or have insufficient credit with automated emails and SMS alerts.

  • ParentPay is quick and easy to use.