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Nursery Activities

Nursery Activities

This half term our topic is Traditional Tales.

Some of the activities we will cover include:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development  

Rules and routines, selecting and using Nursery resources, tidying up, making friends, sharing and taking turns, playing games together, working together in pairs and small groups, talking to adults and friends in pairs and small groups, using manners, sharing news and talking about our family and friends.

Physical Development  

Using a range of small and large equipment to develop throwing, catching, balancing and climbing skills, dancing with ribbons and scarves, playing parachute games, using the co-operative band, playing a range of running games, using a range of simple tools, using a range of mark making equipment, building with small and large construction, using wheeled toys, putting coats and boots on independently, changing for P.E., personal hygiene.

Communication and Language 

Following instructions, taking part in conversations, developing speaking and listening skills through role-play and small world activities, using the puppets in the puppet theatre, listening to stories, joining in with stories and rhymes, acting out stories using props, answering who, what, where, how and why questions, asking our own questions, speaking and listening in small groups, talking about what we are doing, using correct tenses to talk about things we have done in the past and things we are going to do in the future, speaking in sentences.


Drawing lines and circles using a range of materials, drawing and painting pictures, recognising our name,  writing our name, mark making/writing in the role play area, sharing stories, talking about story settings, characters and events, predicting what could happen next, handling books carefully, playing a range of listening and sound games, playing rhyming and alliteration games.


Counting objects in play, sorting and grouping objects, singing and acting out counting rhymes, recognising numbers, comparing quantities and using the vocabulary most, fewer, lots, finding one more and one less, recognising simple shapes and colours, making pictures and patterns using 2D and 3D shapes, developing knowledge of simple measures including big and small, full and empty, long and short, heavy and light, ordering objects by size, using positional language.

Understanding of the World  

Recreating familiar roles in the role play area, talking about families, sharing news and talking about special days, learning about different festivals, exploring a range of sensory materials, using our senses to explore different materials and talking about their texture, cooking and observing changes, talking about seasonal changes and weather, activities using natural materials, making observations and talking about our environment, talking about why things happen and how things work, using simple paint programs on the computer, using the digital camera, using the tablets.

Expressive Art and Design 

Painting and printing, exploring colour mixing, creating different textures with paint, using a range of collage materials, making 3D models, taking part in role play and small world play, dressing up, singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments, using tuned percussion instruments, building with small and large construction. 

Please read the notices on the door for more information about what we are doing at Nursery each week.