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Our Vision for Mathematics

Our vision is for every child to enjoy and succeed in mathematics, regardless of background.

Our mathematics curriculum is based upon the Mathematics Mastery programme which prioritises depth over breadth and equips pupils with mathematical vocabulary to become fluent mathematicians.

Mathematics Mastery is a research-based school improvement programme, specifically designed for UK classrooms by Dr Helen Drury and a team of experts. The programme includes five integrated components, which work together to build specialist expertise, develop teachers, improve maths lessons and drive change.

Rolling Numbers

Times Tables Rock Stars

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At the end of HT2, HT4 and HT6,  all pupils complete a PUMA test (Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment) which is a global test of all the different mathematical skills pupils have acquired over time. PUMA is a suite of standardised maths tests which enable us to track your child's progress (identifying strengths and concepts which require further consolidation), predict future performance and benchmark against national averages.

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