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Roxbourne Primary School

Curriculum Statement (Not to be used)

Teaching and Learning

The children in each Year Group are taught in three mixed ability classes. In Key Stage 2 children are grouped by ability for some lessons. Within each class, teachers use a range of approaches including whole class, group and individual teaching. Groups are not fixed and children may not necessarily stay with the same group for all subjects. Sometimes whole year groups work together, or even the whole school e.g. school productions, art days. Children do not always learn best in the same way and teachers and support staff will offer alternative approaches to individuals or groups.

National Curriculum

The curriculum is clearly divided into two year blocks:

  3 – 4 years
  4 – 5 years           
Year 1
Year 2
  5 – 6 years
  6 – 7 years
Year 3
Year 4
  7 – 8 years
  8 – 9 years
Year 5
Year 6
  9 – 10 years
10 – 11 years
Should you require any further information on our curriculum offer, please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.