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Autumn Term

Mon 11TH Dec 2017 - Mrs Shrewring's Farewell

Unfortunately, at the end of this term, we will be saying goodbye to a long serving member of the Roxbourne family. Mrs Shewring, after many dedicated years of service, has decided to hang up her boots and will retire at the end of this term. Mrs Shewring’s relationship with Roxbourne is an interesting one. Her journey started as a pupil in the 1960s. She then returned as a member of staff 20 years ago and since then, has served the children of Roxbourne with commitment and passion. It will be very difficult to fill Mrs Shewring’s boots and we wish her all the best with the extra time she will now have. I am excited to share that Mrs Shewring hasn’t ruled out a return to Roxbourne, and has offered to return as a volunteer helper. Good bye and good luck Mrs Shewring, you will be missed.

Fri 8TH Dec 2017 - Santa Visits Roxbourne

Santa visited Roxbourne today, and met all children across the school. Each child received a wrapped present and for children in Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y2, a lovely picture was taken. Pictures will be on sale for a very small fee at one of the upcoming concerts and performances.

We will also be selling Christmas class pictures at the performances, again, for a very small fee.

Tues 5TH Dec 2017 - Football Match: Roxbourne v Pinner Wood

On Tuesday, Roxbourne hosted a league match, as well as a friendly, against Pinner Wood. Our B team, which consisted of year 5 and 6 players went 2-0 down but fought back to salvage a 2-2 draw thanks to two goals from Sajaad. Unfortunately, our A team lost 1-0 after a very close, tense and competitive game. Only a wonder goal from a corner could separate the teams. Well done to all involved in representing Roxbourne. On to the next game on Wednesday against St John Fisher. This match will be taking place on the school field, please join us from 3:25pm and cheer on the Roxbourne boys.

Fri 1ST Dec 2017 - Headteacher's Afternoon Tea

Our lunchtime staff invited another 7 children from across the school, to enjoy Afternoon Tea with me! Well done everyone for showing exemplary manners and eating healthily – one child told me he was invited because he eats a sandwich, fruit, cheese, breadsticks and a smoothie – that is a definitely a balanced diet! I’m looking forward to welcoming 7 more children next week!















Fri 24TH Nov 2017 - Headteachers Afternoon Tea

Our lunchtime staff invited 7 children from across the school, to enjoy our first Headteacher’s Afternoon Tea today. We discussed the importance of eating a balanced diet and leading a healthy lifestyle! A huge well done to the following children for eating healthily and showing impeccable manners during lunchtime. I’m looking forward to welcoming 7 more children next week!















Fri 24TH Nov 2017 - Children In Need (Report)

Last Friday the School was a sea of spots, yellow furry outfits and sticky-up ears! Not a normal sight for a Friday here at Roxbourne but one which saw children from Nursery right up to Year 6 doing 'their thing' to raise money for such a worthwhile cause.

The 20p challenge stretched for a total of 4.54m for 6N making them the winning class - well done 6N that is a lot of 20ps! Every class took part and laid down their silver coins in hope of creating the longest line.

The children in Reception made a maths lesson out of the task, while children from the other classes kept darting into my classroom to find out who was in the lead at various points of the day.

RM's classroom was a hive of activity at lunch time when all the School Councillors, some carrying fish and chips (their lunch from the canteen) others arriving with little packed lunch boxes, descended to choose the winners of the Pudsey competition. It was no easy feat to read and look through over 200 entries. Finally at the twelfth hour the School Councillors narrowed it down to a few could-be winners; they just could not decide and so left the final judgement to members of staff.

There were some amazing competition entries, lovely sentiments written by children about children less fortunate than themselves that it was such a hard task to name an overall winner. It was obvious that some children put so much time and effort into their picture that it was heart-warming. There was a canvas created by Sara Watson in 2B, a 3D picture covered in lovely, yellow fluffy balls by Haroun in RP as well as a giant picture by Tanisha in 3G. The judges came to their final, very difficult decision and chose Angela in 2S and Prithvi in 4N. These children will get their prizes in assembly next week.

The school day ended with the children dancing away for an hour. All in all we raised a massive total of £1214.74, this is just amazing. Like on other occasions, again I thank you so much for your generosity - we have, as a community, touched the lives of many children.

Wed 22ND Nov 2017 - Year 2 Trip to Science Museum

Children in year 2 had a wonderful trip to the Science Museum on Wednesday this week. It was an exciting tube journey which involved singing all the way to South Kensington! Children explored the Space area, made patterns and symmetry in Pattern Pod and had a go at looking at the flow of water at the Garden Centre.

Mon 20TH Nov 2017 - Year 1 Trip to Roxbourne Park

Y1 had a super time walking to Roxbourne Park and picking up lots of coloured leaves. They enjoyed playing a game with the leaves, as they were floating along the stream. They also walked through the mud and looked at the trees and described them as deciduous or evergreen! The children eagerly watched clouds changing and sang a song to stop the rain from coming. Finally, the children enjoyed playing on the apparatus in the park. A big thank you to all the parents for supporting on this trip. I have been told our children’s behaviour was fantastic.

Fri 17TH Nov 2017 - Class 4M Assembly : Anti-Bullying

4M treated the school community to an exciting assembly. At first, we all thought it was going to be about Children in Need, however, we were pleasantly surprised when we found out that we were being led on an anti-bullying journey. The children covered a range of content, including the important issue of Cyber Bullying. A song / rap was shared with us, which explained the importance of showing RESPECT, one of our school values! Thank you to everybody involved in the preparation and delivery, and a particular thank you to Ms Arora who has been teaching 4M so well. She has been with us for only a few weeks now, but already feels part of Team Roxbourne!

Tues 14TH Nov 2017 - Year 3 Visit Science Museum

Earlier this week, Y3 spent the day at the Science Museum, learning all about Mighty Metals and Forces. Year 3 joined presenters Sir Isaac Newton and Phil the Stunt Frog in an unforgettable collection of live demonstrations that answered some fundamental questions, such as:

  • Can you ever switch a magnet off?
  • What does 'aerodynamic' mean?
  • And what forces will you find in the Highland Games?

They particularly enjoyed the 3D Theatre where they watched The Legend of Apollo Show, which involved learning all about the moon. And there was more, children also took part in an informative workshop, called Feel the Force. One child came to see me and said, “I really liked the Glass Bridge, I was scared at first, because I’m not very good with heights but when I was on there, it wasn’t too bad! We had a great day out.”

Fri 10TH Nov 2017 - Year 6 Visit to Wembley Stadium

On Friday evening 40 Year 6 children along with school adults, went along to Wembley stadium to watch the friendly match between England and Germany. Although this was a goalless match, this didn’t dampen any of our spirits. The trip itself was very exciting and was made even better, by the brilliant behaviour and enthusiasm shown by every single child. I would like to thank all adults and children involved.

As we know our children are impeccably behaved, but It was great to hear from a spectator at the England v Germany match who tweeted:

We sat next to your children last night. What a great bunch of kids, well behaved and kept us amused with their enthusiasm for everything, despite the lack of goals. Hats off to the teachers too.

Fri 10TH Nov 2017 - Class 5JS Remembrance Assembly

On Friday, we enjoyed a fantastic assembly led by 5JS. The assembly explained to us the importance of remembrance Sunday and allowed us to reflect on the past. The children from 5JS treated us to a thoughtful poem, role play, a song and some key information to explain to us why it is important we all remember and thank those people who have put their lives on the line for us. I have to say there weren’t many dry eyes amongst the adults. Well done to Miss Saxby and 5JS for such an amazing assembly.

Wed 8TH Nov 2017 - Year 4 Trip to Harrow Museum

On Wednesday Y4 had a fantastic day out at the Harrow Museum. Children enjoyed digging for artefacts, restoring pottering and creating their very own tiles Roman tiles. The children found out many interesting facts and learnt lots about the Romans who were living in Harrow during that time. Varagavi in 4B, was thrilled following the visit, “We loved learning the alphabet and writing our names, then it was great to put together Roman pottery and finally I loved digging in the sand for pottery”. Thank you to all the parents who supported the Y4 team on this trip.

Thurs 2ND Nov 2017 - Next Thing Education Workshop

'That was amazing'... seemed to be the consensus from all of KS2 who took part in the Next Thing Education Workshops over two days at Roxbourne. Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were treated to a workshop showcasing some of the exciting technology that Next Thing Education have on offer.

Voted the best by far, was the Virtual Reality. The children were able to sample a roller coaster ride with all the twists and turns,even a bat or two flying at their faces through the wonders of Virtual Reality. Screams, gasps and squeals could be heard ringing the corridors as the children donned the headsets and whooshed through the spooky tunnels and caves via VR.

The music making sections were also popular. Whether mixing up records, scratching or fading on the mini decks or making colourful tracks, incorporating different instruments on the ipad, both were thoroughly enjoyed.

The final activity saw the children code a dance for their new robotic friend Jimmu. Using the ipads they had to select dances, and click them together to make Jimmu dance. His dance moves and excellent routines again proved very popular.

Next Education were so impressed with the children's behaviour and love of technology that have now offered an After School Club, where by the children can further explore the technology seen in the workshop, and many more.

If you would like to take in the after school club starting the 8th of January please sign up for our 5 week after school club via Parent Pay.

Thurs 2ND Nov 2017 - Year 5 Visit Hampton Court

Y5 had a fantastic day out at the impressive Hampton Court Palace on Thursday. Children were using new technology to find out about the past! Using ipads, children practised their historical enquiry skills to complete the Digital Mission: spying on Henry VIII for the Doge of Venice. Iliyaan, 5JS, was thrilled following the visit, “I couldn’t believe that I was at a place over 500 years old and walking in the footsteps of Henry VIII!”

Mon 30TH Oct 2017 - Year R Visit from Fire Brigade

Our local firefighters visited our reception classes this week. Children were given the opportunity to ask lots of questions about their important job. They also had plenty of fun sitting inside the fire engine. Our reception children were particularly excited to test all the equipment and try on uniform. They even used the water hoses! One reception child told me that the sirens were very loud! Lots of learning and fun took place on this day!

Fri 20TH Oct 2017 - Year 6 Victorian Day

On Friday, year 6 children and staff took part in a ‘Victorian Day’. This was an opportunity to dress up and engage in a school day as the Victorians would have done. The staff worked hard to ensure that lessons were delivered in the same strict format as it would have been during the 19th century, including the punishments! This proved to be a successful day thoroughly enjoyed by all. We thank you for all your support in getting your children ready. They all looked fantastic!

Fri 20TH Oct 2017 - Class 1C Assembly - Diwali

This morning, 1C led a fantastic assembly all about Diwali. They were confident, projected their voices well, narrated the story of Rama and Sita through drama and shared a Diwali song with us. They also showed us the Diwali cards and sweets they have been making for their parents! If you are a 1C parent, I hope you enjoy your gifts this evening!

Fri 20TH Oct 2017 - Black History/International Week

We have had a lovely week in school celebrating Black History and International Week. Classrooms were transformed into countries, and children had an opportunity to learn about a diverse range of international cultures and traditions.

Well done to all the children, staff and parents who dressed in traditional clothes or colours which represented the flag of a particular country yesterday to mark our International Day! This was followed by a successful International Food Festival! Again, thank you to all the parents, staff and local restaurants who donated dishes to the fair. We were spoilt for choice and I know for sure; many of us didn’t have to prepare dinner last night!

Thurs 19TH Oct 2017 - Year 4 Workshop: Drumming

The Year 4 Drumming Workshop was a fantastic hands- on experience yesterday! It was a memorable way to end their topic: Playlists! Pirapahinei, 4M, was very excited following the visit, she said, “The drumming workshop was exciting and fun! We learned about different drums from different places around the world.”

Mon 16TH Oct 2017 - Year 6 Workshop: Money Skills

On Monday, Y6 were privileged to have the opportunity to take part in a money workshop, which was run by a one of our Y5 parents. This engaging workshop allowed children to gain a greater understanding of the value of money, as well as being able to discuss and debate the difference between our wants and needs. Y6 parents, over the half-term, remember to challenge your children on their wish list...

Tues 3RD Oct 2017 - Year 3 Workshop: Roald Dahl

Y3 were recently visited by some secret inspectors who turned out to be Roald Dahl literary agents! The children had a wonderful day solving riddles and various investigations relating to a variety of novels!

Wed 13TH Sept - Year 2 Local Walk

In Y2 this half-term, children will be learning how to read maps and symbols as part of their Street Detective topic. On Wednesday, Y2 went on a local walk to a secret place marked on their maps- which ended up being St Andrews Church! The children led the way through the streets using their maps, and they carefully recorded all the street furniture they came across. While they were walking, they talked about why these items are useful, and what life would be like without them. Once the children reached the church, they stopped for a biscuit and a quick game of tag before walking back to school in time for lunch. The children thoroughly enjoyed their walk!