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Roxbourne Primary School

Attendance & Punctuality


If your child is absent through sickness or any other reason please could you inform the school by telephone, e-mail or letter on the first morning before 9.15 am. If you do not contact the school you will receive a text message or telephone call asking you to explain your child’s absence.


We do not encourage appointments to be made during school time, for those unavoidable appointments please inform the School Office of the date and time, preferably in writing.

Medical Appointments

There are an increasing number of pupils being collected during the course of the day to attend appointments (doctors/dentist etc.) Whilst there will be occasions where this cannot be avoided please try to ensure that, where possible, appointments are made outside of school hours. This will help avoid interruptions to pupils’ learning.

Holidays in Term Time

No authorisation will be given for holidays taken during term. Headteachers however have discretionary powers to grant leave of absence in exceptional circumstances. Forms are available from the School Office.

Religious Festivals

If your child will be absent for religious reasons, please complete a Leave of Absence form at least 7 days beforehand. These forms are available from the School Office.

Good Attendance

Good attendance and punctuality are promoted across the school.  Termly and annual certificates or trophies are awarded to the children. Parents are informed of their child’s attendance in half termly ‘Traffic Light’ letters.

The school must collect and report details of absences by law. Attendance is a performance indicator. Attendance and punctuality are closely monitored and discussed regularly with the Education Welfare Officer.

Late Collection of Children

If you are going to be late picking children up from school, please ensure you call the school office on 020 8422 9207 by no later than 3pm.