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September 2020 Nursery Admissions

If you have a child born between 1ST September 2016 and 31ST August 2017 and you would like a Nursery place for September 2020, please collect an application form from the School Office.

We offer 15 hour places for either a Morning or Afternoon Session. In addition to this, we also offer 30 hour places for people who are eligible.

Am I eligible for 30 hours provision?

Please click HERE to Apply

Remember, we are only one of 7 Harrow schools which offer 30 hour nursery provision and I am told we are the only Harrow school to offer up to 35 hour nursery provision. Take advantage of these fantastic opportunities



24th February 2020

Closing date for receipt of applications

16th March 2020

Letters posted to parents/outcome of application

September 2020 Reception Admissions

Children born between 1ST September 2015 and 31ST August 2016 will start Reception class in a Harrow school in September 2020.

The application for primary school admissions for September 2020 will be available on the eAdmissions website. Please click HERE!

Key Dates:

1ST September 2019

Applications Open

15TH January 2020

Closing Date for Primary School Applications

16TH April 2020

Receive outcome of application

September 2020 Secondary School Admissions

If you have a child born between 1ST September 2008 and 31ST August 2009 and you would like a Year 7 place for September 2020, please contact the Harrow Admissions Team to complete the application process. Please visit the eAdmissions website HERE!

Applications close on 31ST October 2019.

In-Year Admissions for all Year Groups

To apply for a place at Roxbourne, you will need to complete a Harrow Common Application Form (CAF).  Please visit the Harrow Council website page HERE!

The council will contact you with the outcome of your application.

Appealing a school place

You can appeal any decision made about the school place you have been offered. Appeals will be heard on the basis of the admissions criteria.

To submit an appeal please contact the Admissions Service  

School Admissions
Civic 1
Civic Centre
020 8901 2620
020 8427 2418

Not a Resident in Harrow

Only residents in Harrow can apply for a primary school place. If your not a resident in Harrow, please contact your local authority to find out how to apply.

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