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Children in Need: Friday 17TH November

The School Councillors have been busy debating, thinking and talking and have decided they want to support ‘Children in Need’ again this year. So we are calling on your warmth and generosity to help us raise money for disadvantaged children:

Next Friday, the 17TH, will be a Mufti day. The theme for Children in Need this year is, ‘Do Your Thing’ so the children can come to School dressed in clothes of their choice. A donation of £1 for this would be greatly appreciated in order to raise much needed funds for this worthy charity. Just to let you know, Asda are selling clothes for the event if your child wishes to really get into the spirit and arrive at the gates in a fluffy, yellow outfit!

During the day we will have a class 20p challenge – please check down your sofas and dig out those 20 pence pieces, the winning class will be suitably rewarded.

After School, 3.30 – 4.30pm, we will hold a ‘disco’ for all the children wishing to pay £1 to attend. If it looks like there will be a large number wanting to dance the afternoon away, we might run two discos, one after the other, if this is the case I will get back to you next week with times and more information.

Next week the children can enter a School based competition to win a ‘Pudsey plush’. We would like them to draw a picture of the Children in Need bear and complete the sentence; ‘We are raising money for children because….’ It will be 50p to enter and the winner will be chosen by the School Councillors. All money raised will be sent off to BBC Children in Need and we hope everyone enjoys the day while raising money.