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Roxbourne Primary School Councillors 2016 - 2017

School Elections - Wednesday 7TH June

Election fever is building at Roxbourne, as the school community prepare to take part in our very own School Election on Wednesday 7th June. Prospective candidates delivered speeches to their peers on, 'What they would do with £500 to make the School a better place.' The staff and children were so impressed with the manifestos, that we are going to listen to some of them again after half-term before we make our final votes. There were very creative and 'child friendly' ideas of how £500 can be spent. All speeches were executed with such conviction, I think we have a future party leader on our hands—watch out team Corbyn and team May! Photographs of the children who delivered speeches will be appearing on the 'Election' board in the foyer soon

Walk to School Week - Friday 26TH May 2017

We were not blessed with this gorgeous sunshine during Walk to School Week, in fact, it was quite the opposite. However, that didn't stop the children of Roxbourne taking up the challenge to Walk to School. The response was great, lots of children walked instead of getting a lift and those who had to travel by car stopped short of the school gates and walked for some of the way. Lots of staff got on board and when I collected in the Walk to School Week charts I smiled at the 'little feet stickers' stuck next to all the adult names. The School Councillors took on the responsibility of executing this initiative in their classroom and a big thank you to our School Council for leading yet another, successful school initiative. This is just another example of our exemplary pupils showing dedication and organisation. The overall walkers' in Key Stage 1 were the children of 2B and in Key Stage 2 it was the children of 5F. Congratulations to all the children in those classes.

Houses of Parliament come to Roxbourne - Friday 12TH May 2017

Last Friday Ms Keating, who works in the Houses of Parliament, came into School to meet our School Councillors. The children gathered in a classroom, which became the Houses of Parliament for an hour and a half. They had first-hand experience of how a Law is created and the different stages it goes through before being signed by the Queen.

They had debates around school based issues to see what really happens on those 'green seats' in the Houses of Parliament. The children had great fun, Ms Keating made it a really enjoyable session and experience for the School Coun-cillors who are very much involved in leading our own School Election. Lily, 4N, one of the councillors said, “We had so much fun and even created our own law. I now have lots of knowledge about Parliament.” A Year 5 child went on to say, “Ms Keating helped us recreate the way laws are made. We all had lots of fun and we all learnt a lot.” A Year 2 School Council Member enjoyed learning about the differences between the two Houses, “The Parliament game was super. I learnt that the Queen was not allowed in the Houses of Parliament but only allowed to sign something to make it a Law. I also learnt that the Houses of Common is green and the Houses of Lords is red.” We leave you with some pupil reflections.

“It was a really interesting experience because I learnt how a Law is made - 1st Reading, 2nd Reading, Committee Stage, Report Stage, 3rd Reading then the Queen signs it and it becomes a Law.” Aarav 2S

“I really enjoyed Ms Keating coming to teach us about the Houses of Parliament and I learnt a lot.” Kaarthiga 3P

“I found the experience very useful and it has given all the School Councillors a taste of what our own election might be like.” Sukriti 6H

“I learnt a lot of amazing new things and it was a very inter-esting experience for me.' Nitharssana 6H


Houses of Parliament Trip - 20TH October 2016

On Thursday 20TH October, the members of school council in Years 3 – 6 went on a very special trip to the Houses of Parliament. Once inside this prestigious building, they visited the House of Commons and House of Lords while they were in session and heard the members of Parliament debating some important issues. They then had a ‘Making Laws’ session where they learnt the process of laws being passed in Government. They were asked to suggest a law that they would like passed. One suggestion was to reduce the amount of tax that their parents paid. A vigorous debate took place and after looking at both sides of the argument, the final vote was that they shouldn’t be reduced! The children really enjoyed the visit and learnt a great deal about how our Government works.

The trip to the Houses of Parliament was a once in a lifetime experience. We visited the House of Lords, where we listened to a debate. After about 6 minutes, we were on our way to the House of Commons. There, again, we watched a debate on Community Pharmacy. That was another 5 minutes. We then had a workshop in which we assumed we were making a law. It was an amazing day!

By Magishi & Arabi 6G