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Election Fever - 9TH June 2017

Corbyn? May? A Hung Parliament? Will we have a hung Parliament here at Roxbourne or have the children done a better job? We have had an amazing week leading up to the election. Candidates from KS1 made an appearance and shared their manifestos in the KS2 assembly and vice versa. The children listened to each other showing support, appreciation and respect. 

The halls were full of children listening attentively to what each party would put in place if elected. The children voiced ideas about the future of Roxbourne, in their eyes, if they were in charge. All the speeches from children in Year 1 to Year 6 were very articulately put across and thoughtful in content. It was so lovely to hear what matters to the children, what they consider important and what they would change. From organised PE sheds to reinstating fidget spinners, from cookery lessons to a ceiling free from peeling paint, from the  servings in the canteen to lots of fund raising events -  all the ideas were important to them and were well received.

On Wednesday afternoon KS2 children gathered in the hall. Our very own David Dimbleby, Kylen 5B , started the proceedings as we had an hour Question Time putting prospective Prime Ministers in the firing line. Questions, which each class came up with prior to the event, were asked to the candidates and the children listened to find out their thoughts. Children from Year 3 to Year 6 answered to gain support from the audience.

All that is left now is the voting ….. June 9TH, today is  the big day. Every child in the School will be presented with a ballot paper and asked to cast their vote. The corridors are filled with tension and anticipation to see who will be voted 'Prime Minister of Roxbourne’.