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Roxbourne Primary School


2017/18 Staff

Senior Leadership Team


Staff Member

Area(s) of Responsibility

Interim Headteacher

Mr Benserghin

CPD, Curriculum, Teaching, Learning & Educational Visits


Assistant Headteacher

Mr Williamson

Y1, Y2, Y3 Phase Leader / Inclusion

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Ansell

Y4, Y5, Y6 Phase Leader / Data & Assessment

School Business Manager

Mrs Massey

Finance, HR, Premises, IT, Catering

Teaching Staff


Staff Member

Area(s) of Responsibility


Mrs Hulse

Science Lead

Reception - RM

Mrs McWilliam


Reception - RP

Mrs Pirmohamed

Yr Group Leader & EYFS Lead

Year 1 - 1C

Mrs Capel

Yr Group Leader & Phonics Lead

Year 1 - 1R

Mrs Ransom


Year 2 - 2B

Miss Bithi

Yr Group Leader & Humanities Lead

Year 2 - 2S

Miss Spence


Year 3 - 3A

Miss Ahmed


Year 3 - 3G

Mr Gough

Yr Group Leader & English Lead

Year 3 - 3M

Miss Morris


Year 4 - 4B

Miss Bassi


Year 4 - 4N

Mrs Nanor


Year 4 - 4M

Miss Mahalingam

Yr Group Leader & Creative Arts Lead

Year 5 - 5JS

Miss Saxby

Year Group Leader & Maths Lead

Year 5 - 5S

Miss Sayed


Year 5 - 5T

Mr Toalima


Year 6 - 6E

Mr Elliott-Rey

Yr Group Leader & PE / Enrichment Lead

Year 6 - 6D

Miss Dobinson


Year 6 - 6N

Miss Naughton



Mrs Goddard

Special Educational Needs

Music Teacher

Mr E Allen


Computing Teacher

Miss Ottrey

Computing Lead

Art / DT Teacher

Mrs Hall


Additional Teacher

Mrs Ghelani


PE Teachers

Mr Austin / Miss Harris


Office / Welfare Staff


Staff Member

Area of Responsibility

Office Manager

Mrs Willmott



Mrs Spanner


Admission / Attendance

Ms Coughlan


Office Assistant

Mrs Davis


Welfare Officer

Mrs Chick


Welfare Officer

Mrs Barber


ICT/Web Technician

Mr Hufford


Speech Therapists

Miss Parsons


Educational Psychologist

Ms Shaw


Education Welfare Officer

Ms Bhatt


Site Superviser

Mr Di Giacomo





Support Staff

Staff Member

Mrs Andreopoulos

Mrs Bernstein

Ms Blackie (LM)

Ms Coles

Mrs Elsawy-Butt

Mrs Fatania (HLTA)

Mrs Gordon

Mrs Grizzle

Mrs Howells

Mrs Hughan

Mrs Illankovan (HLTA)

Mrs Kanapathippillai

Mrs Khurmi

Mrs Kiely

Mrs Kusi (HLTA)

Mr Moore

Mrs Mustafa (LM)

Mrs Naughton

Mrs Richardson

Mrs Sawhney

Miss Sheanon

Mrs Shewring

Mrs Simmonds

Mrs Surendranath

Mrs Varathan

Mrs Vigneswaran

Mrs Wright (LM)

Mrs Wrigley







LM - Learning Mentor

HLTA - High Level Teaching Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors

Staff Member

Mrs Ali Ahmed

Mrs Baig

Mrs Bernstein

Miss Clark

Mrs Faris

Mrs Howells

Mrs Jutla

Mrs Kangatheepan

Mrs Mustafa

Miss Sheanon

Mrs Shewring

Mrs Simmonds

Mrs Sivakumaran

Mrs Sriskantha

Mrs Vigneswaran

Mrs Wright