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Roxbourne Primary School

Sports Premium

Sport Premium Funding 2016/17

Aims and Objectives

  • To fulfil our vision for the school by ensuring that all pupils have the best opportunity to achieve their full sporting potential

  • To ensure all pupils receive high quality coaching in all aspects of P.E and Games

  • To up skill staff through CPD opportunities to deliver high quality P.E provision

  • To ensure all pupils are provided with a range of extracurricular and enrichment activities

  • To ensure that all pupils experience competition or sporting festival and are challenged to improve their own performance in a range of sports and outdoor pursuits

  • To ensure that all pupils have a good understanding of what a healthy life style looks like and how to develop healthy life styles and behaviours for life

Number of pupils and total grant received

Total Number of Pupils on Roll (Not Nursery)


Total Grant



Primary School PE and Sport Funding grant expenditure and impact

2016 ‐ 2017

Action Required

Expected Impact

Actual Impact 2016 – 2017

Continue to provide enhanced learning and skills development opportunities for children when they work with the Sports Instructors

  • Systematic development of skills and opportunities to extend their abilities
  • Developing pupil proficiency and fitness
  • All pupils are provided with a range of extracurricular and enrichment activities.


Promote healthy lifestyles by teaching about healthy eating and fitness

  • Work in conjunction with PSHE curriculum
  • Pupils are knowledgeable about healthy lifestyles and behaviours for life


Implement a whole school scheme of work for P.E and assessment procedures

  • Work with staff to develop and implement a P.E curriculum and appropriate assessment procedures throughout the whole school
  • Pupils access a progressive curriculum which develops their skills in balance, agility and co-ordination


Continue to increase the range of inter-school competitive sports opportunities for children

  • All children are given opportunities to compete in tournaments with each other and other schools
  • Pupils develop social skills associated with teamwork
  • Pupils develop a sense of pride in themselves and for their school by representing Roxbourne at sports events


Continue to increase the skills and expertise of lead teachers and support staff for PE

  • To up skill staff through CPD opportunities to deliver high quality P.E provision
  • Staff become more confident in delivering the P.E curriculum
  • Pupils experience energetic and enjoyable P.E lessons


Continue to develop our pupil Sport Leader programme

  • Provide opportunities for Year 6 Sport Leaders to work with younger pupils
  • Through leadership opportunities, pupils learn how to organise and be responsible for activities and others



Spending from September 2016 – July 2017

Contribution to cost of Specialist Sports Instructors September 2016 – July 2017


Leadership Time for the PE and Sports Leader


Transport costs for travel to extra-curricular events and competitions


New resources and equipment including small apparatus for use in the lunch hour.


Large apparatus


Covering supply or additional staff costs for staff accompanying pupils to competitions or attending PE/Sports related courses (both Teachers and Teaching Assistants)