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Despite the push on a more academically rigorous curriculum, I am committed to ensuring we maintain a broad and balanced curriculum too. Examples of this include the 5 specialist lessons children enjoy during the week, two PE lessons per week, the introduction of a wider variety of clubs which have also led to children taking part in competitive sport. Competitive sport is something I am passionate about. I believe, and it has been proven that, life-long success isn’t built solely on academic results. Character development and values are just as important! However, character development can’t really be taught in lessons, sat at a desk which is why it is so important for children to have access to experiences such as learning to play an instrument and playing sports – ideally competitively. These experiences are proven to develop character and I’m thrilled to see our children now competing against other children in other schools in football, athletics and table tennis.

Tues 27TH Nov - Harrow Table Tennis Competition

We will be sending out a team of 4 children on Monday, to represent the school at the Harrow Table Tennis Competition – we look forward to hearing all about your efforts and achievement. Good Luck!

Tues 24TH Nov - Harrow Athletic Competition

18 Y6 children represented Roxbourne at the indoor athletics heats, held at Harrow Leisure Centre. It was a fun day out which the children enjoyed thoroughly. The children took part in a number of track and field events including relay races, obstacle courses, throwing and jumping events. Overall the children performed fantastically, coming no lower than second in all of their track events with a couple of victories along the way. The field events proved to be hugely successful as our boys and girls came first in all throwing events and performed well in the jumping events which included another first place finish.

As well as this, we are even more proud of how supportive our children were towards each other, especially in the case of one child falling down during a race but recovering to come in second. A huge well done to all children involved!

Tues 14TH Nov - Roxbourne Vs West Lodge

Our Y5 and Y6 boys had their first league game of the season away to West Lodge Primary School. It was a difficult game, against a very experienced and well-organised team. Unfortunately, we conceded our first goal quite early on, and never really recovered. There were some positive moments, when we managed to relax and therefore, play our style of football however, this wasn’t enough to get back into the game. In the end, the opposition were stronger on the day and we lost 8 nil. We haven’t had a football team for some time now, and this is the beginning of a journey for us – we know we have a lot to learn and are ready to take on this challenge! West Lodge – we’ll be back!