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Parent Governor Statement

Parent Governor - Helen Morris

I moved to Harrow in 2003 having completed a degree in Primary Education. I began my teaching career at Roxbourne and taught in the school for 13 years. During my time at Roxbourne I enjoyed a range of roles including EAL Coordinator, Creative Arts Leader and Key Stage 1 Phase Leader. I left the school in 2016 and I am currently teaching Reception at a private school in Hillingdon. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Roxbourne and I’m pleased I can continue the link through my children. They’re in Year 6 and 2 so I have been a parent at the school for 7 years.

I have a musical background and play the trombone and flute. I have played in various bands, performing in concerts in a range of local venues. One of the reasons I chose Roxbourne as a school for my own children was its strength in the Arts. The provision for specialist teaching (particularly in the Arts) is something I value immensely within the school.

I am an active member of a church in Harrow where I currently teach the Sunday school, sing with the choir and I am a member of the youth work and flower committees. As a teaching practitioner I understand the education system and can relate to the teaching staff as well as the parents. Please elect me as parent governor so I can help support the school in all its endeavours and help to make it the best for all our children.