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Roxbourne Primary School

Year 4 Trip - Science Museum

Year 4 went to the Wonderlab as part of their trip to the Science Museum. Children had the opportunity to explore science interactively across several themed zones. They were able to actively take part in numerous experiences, including exploring how light creates reflections, touching clouds and understanding how they are formed. To coincide with their current topic of States of Matter, children had the opportunity to observe water freeze before their eyes and create magnetic liquid. The remaining part of the day was spent exploring the various themed areas of the museum, including how everyday contraptions from washing machines, music players and even burglar alarms have developed over time due to the advances made in science. Overall the best part of the day was the friction slides, where children predicted which of the three slides would allow them to reach the ground the fastest before testing it out themselves. Thank you to all parents who volunteered and helped make the day enjoyable and successful.