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Roxbourne Primary School

Sports Day 2018

On Monday, the children of Roxbourne took part in the school's annual sports day event. With a new more competitive structure this year, children were competing in a number of events including sprints, obstacle courses, javelin as well as more traditional sack and egg and spoon races. This was a new format which we are trying out at Roxbourne and we are happy with how the event went, although we do recognise some aspects which will need tightening up for next year. An example of this is the timing of the events, which prevented us from having the tug of war event. Children will be doing this in their PE lessons.

Well done to Huskies for winning the KS2 event. The KS1 event winner will be announced shortly once the final scores have been added together.

Finally thankyou to all parents who attended, we appreciate your support on such a hot day with my voice blaring over the sound system constantly.