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Recently, when the government reviewed the Primary National Curriculum, it also reviewed the way it directed schools to assess children. Instead of using levels, the government felt that each school was best placed to decide how to assess children. We have therefore established our own robust systems for assessing children and tracking their progress.

Below, you will find the targets we use to support children in their learning.

If you would like more information on how we assess and track children's progress, please contact Mrs Ansell, our Assistant Headteacher, leading on Data and Assessment.

2016-17 League Tables

The league tables for the 2016/17 academic year were released. These league tables are based on the outcomes of pupils in Y6 during the last academic year. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make for happy reading on the Roxbourne front. This isn’t a surprise to me, and this is why I have initiated a number of significant changes over the past 12 weeks. To track the impact of the changes, I have been monitoring how well our children are progressing across the school, and I am delighted with how well our children are learning. I have had a number of parents approach me, telling me just this! I have also spent time monitoring the outcomes of our current Y6 cohort, who will be writing their SATs tests in May 2018 (the very tests the leagues tables are based on), and I am very, very pleased with the progress our children are making. Children who require extra support to meet their end of year targets are receiving this through morning Booster Classes which kick off at 8am - I myself am delivering reading Booster Classes before school. In January, we will be increasing the number of Booster Lessons taking place. This additional learning time, will give our children the best possible chance of reaching their potential. And these efforts are having the desired effect, we are already predicting significant gains and are on course to be the most improved school in Harrow, and quite possibly, one of the most improved schools in the country. I am very confident, that in July 2018, and when the league tables come out again in December 2018, we will be writing a very different newsletter to parents. One of excellent achievement, leading to celebration!

Info for parents from the Government's Standards and Testing Agency

Information for parents: 2017 Key Stage One Tests

Details of the national curriculum tests (SATs) children in year 2 will sit throughout May.

Information for parents: 2017 Key Stage Two Tests

If you have a child in year 6, this video provides details of the KS2 national curriculum tests (SATs) they will take in May.